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Look on the Bright Side

Lush green jungles. Sparkling turquoise waters. Flamboyant scarlet macaws and dancing blue-footed boobies. A kaleidoscope of adventure awaits when you travel in South America. Even the bubblegum-colored walls of South America’s most storied cities will brighten your outlook. Everything comes alive when you venture below the equator. Exotic flavors awaken the tastebuds, tropical scents tickle the brain, and rhythmic beats persuade even the clumsiest of feet to glide across pulsing dance floors. From Costa Rica, Colombia, and Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands down to Brazil, Peru, Chile and Argentina, every sense will work overtime as you reign atop mysterious mountains, stand before thundering waterfalls, sip cool, fresh caipirinhas and zip over even cooler cloud forests. On every South American vacation, we go beyond the expected for the ultimate jolt of rejuvenation and a totally different version of R&R. We’re talking rum and rumba, rivers and rainforests, ranches and ruins, and Rio and pure revelry. All in living color.

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Epic Mysteries.
Just South of Ordinary.

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South America. So Mysterious.

Where else can you find a lost city in the clouds or a drawing so big it can only be seen from the sky? The mysteries of South American vacations unfold before your eyes like no other place on Earth. Discover the land of cathedrals and conquistadors. Unravel the history of the Sacred Valley and the hidden secrets of the Incas. Journey to the end of the earth in Ushuaia and explore isolated fjords in Patagonia. It’s all within reach in an exotic land that’s easy to reach.


Out of This World. Closer Than you Think. 

From epic mysteries to epic adventures, South America is closer than you think! As the crow flies, South America is comparable with flight times from North America to Europe—with less jetlag thanks to friendly time zones! Find summer in winter with the mild temperatures and sunshine you crave on a tropical getaway in South America. Warmer still, are the friendly people who call the continent home. We dare you to travel in South America and not to make a friend or two while being welcomed into the kiosks and kitchens of the locals! Other interesting locals you need to meet are the less talkative kind—like giant Galapagos Tortoises, champion swimming iguanas, birds with blue feet, and thousands of other creatures great and small who call the Amazon Rainforest home. From floating villages to soaring condors to laid-back llamas, the only remaining mystery is “what took you so long?”