Private Tours

Keep the World to Yourself

Have you long dreamed of standing before the grand castles of England, strolling through the fragrant vineyards of France, or lingering in the ancient squares of Italy—with your own inner circle? With the introduction of Globus European Private Tours, you can take a trip of a lifetime exclusively in the company of the favorite people in your life.

See More of the Globe. Without the Rest of the World.
Designed for parties from two to two dozen.

Globus European Private Tours offer all of the benefits of a Globus published itinerary, yet allows you to handpick your traveling party. Grab your partner, gather the gang, or get the family together. Whether you organize a romantic getaway or an overdue reunion, you’ll enjoy a more exclusive European vacation with all of the features you’d expect from a Globus tour.

With a Globus Private Tour, your traveling party will travel with a dedicated Tour Director, private transportation and driver, and personal, professional Local Guides. Every Private Tour includes all of the visits and entrances as outlined in the original published itinerary. And going private gives you the advantage of a greater flexibility in pace and experience. Perhaps you’d like to spend a little more time at a particular landmark, see an additional sight, or even skip one altogether. Go ahead, it's your Globus Private Tour!

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Private Tours

Turn Any Globus European Tour into a Private Touring Experience.

Simply choose your tour from our Globus Europe portfolio, then let us know that you’re interested in Private Tours, along with the number in your party (from 1-24). An additional premium, based on the overall number of guests, is simply charged for each traveler in addition to the published tour price.

Example Pricing:

Please note that Private Touring itineraries are offered on land portions of your vacation and cannot be accommodated on cruise or rail portions of your itinerary.