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Whether you want to wander off-the-beaten path or wonder at iconic sights; enjoy engaging with a group of new friends from around the world or savor the serenity of being in the moment on your own, Globus has the perfect style to suit your tastes, passions, and pursuits.

Dreams by the Dozen

For those who are looking for every way in the world to see the world, Globus offers a ticket to awesome. From award-winning classic tours made famous by Globus travelers to passion-packed vacations with even more choices, independence, private itineraries, and off-the-beaten-path surprises, Globus has the travel style to match every wayfarer, wanderer, and wallet. Whether travelers are looking for a quick escape, an unhurried adventure, or a journey by rail or cruise, we’re the “go to” for “let’s go!’ with every type of vacation imaginable. And then some. For extraordinary journeys across the globe, go beyond the guidebooks, beyond expectation, and beyond the ordinary tour with Globus.

Globus Style Quiz Classic Tours

Classic Globus Tours

For almost a century, Globus’ expert Tour Directors have turned foreign countries into familiar harbors by providing hand-selected hotels in the heart of destinations, VIP access to must-see sights, and perfectly planned itineraries across the globe.  

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Globus Style Quiz Small Group Discovery

Small-Group Discoveries

Enjoy the world and all its wonder with just 20 to 24 guests on an intimate Small-Group Discovery tour with Globus—available on all South America, Asia, and Africa vacations and select tours across Europe, North America, and the South Pacific.

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Globus Style Quiz Choice Touring by Globus

Choice Touring by Globus

This exciting new touring style from Globus invites you to infuse more freedom, flexibility, and fun on tour by spending your days your way with YourChoice Excursions on itineraries throughout Europe and North America.

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Globus Style Quiz Undiscovered Tours

Undiscovered Tours

Globus’ exclusive series of Undiscovered Tours throughout Europe and North America invite you to explore the world, off-the-beaten-piazza where you can enjoy fewer crowds and more wonder thanks to up-close and unexpected discoveries.

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Globus Style Quiz Escapes by Globus

Escapes by Globus

Enjoy thinner crowds and thicker wallets when you explore the world between November and March on an exclusive series of Escapes by Globus that feature perfectly planned touring itineraries and everything you love about Globus, for up to 40% less!

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Globus Style Quiz Cosmos Tours

Cosmos Tours

Get the travel bug without the bite to your wallet on a Cosmos budget-friendly tour. Follow the lead of budget-savvy travelers who know the value of Cosmos’ 50+ years of affordable vacations that share the world’s riches of travel without breaking the bank!

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Globus Style Quiz Independence by Globus

Independence by Globus

Independence by Globus invites you to cure your curiosities and discover new destinations on your own with ease, complete with on-the-go-support from our team of travel experts.

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Globus Style Quiz Private Touring

Private Touring

Designed for parties from two to two dozen, Globus’s Private Tours offer you the opportunity to customize any published European tour for your private group for a special price to get away with family or friends.

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Globus Style Quiz Faith-Based Vacations

Faith-Based Vacations

Follow the footsteps of saints and sacred sites on a Globus or Cosmos faith-based vacation with inspiring itineraries and enlightening experiences in the world’s most legendary religious destinations.

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Globus Style Quiz Special Events

Special Events

Get your ticket to the can’t miss celebrations in North America and Australia with Globus Special Event tours—from California’s Tournament of Roses Parade to the mesmerizing Southern Lights of Tasmania!

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Globus Style Quiz Cruise & Tour

Cruise & Tour

See the world by land and by sea on a Globus cruise tour vacation that goes beyond the shores of Greece, British Columbia, Alaska’s Inner Passage, New England’s Eastern Seaboard, and Maritime Provinces.

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Globus Style Quiz Rail Vacations

Rail Vacations

Travel by train with the adventure and traditions of rail travel with all the modern luxuries with Globus vacations by rail through the legendary landscapes of North America, Europe, Australia, and India!

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